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Sustaining Frugal green innovations: a new paradigm of empathetic and evocative ecosystem

Frugality is not just about affordability. Even I had not stressed enough about circularity (that is, cradle to cradle approach of not developing a waste oriented economy) in my earlier talks and writings. It has of course been a core issue in the Honey Bee Network philosophy for the last twenty five years through a … Continue reading


BRICKS by brick: an emerging new pole in the unipolar world

Recent agreement, among BRICS nations [Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa] to develop a new development finance institution is a highly welcome step. A unipolar world needed very badly a new pole. India has the opportunity as the head of the new institution to create new standards of transparency, accountability, participation, democracy and empathy. … Continue reading


Making budget more responsive to the aspirations of the youth

There have been several welcome announcements in the budget that deserve appreciation, even if some of them are symbolic and segmented. For instance, the venture capital fund for MSME, district level incubation and accelerator program, start up village entrepreneurship program for rural youth, technology research center network to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and agro industry, national … Continue reading

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Ahmedabad Declaration issued on the concluding day of ICCIG 2, IIMA dec 2012: a plea for giving voice, visibility and value-add to the creativity and innovation at grassroots

Grassroots innovations evolve in response to local problems but not always the ones faced by the innovators themselves. Many times, third party problems inspire the innovators to attempt solutions. Thus, these unaided, self-triggered and self-inspired solutions underlie the pursuit of inclusive development by the Honey Bee Network during the last twenty-four years. The International Conference … Continue reading


Discourse, democracy and debate: Are we getting what we deserve?

The popular adage is that people get the government they deserve. I am not sure that the current tenor of the electoral discourse is either dignified or graceful. We surely deserve better. If there was a debate on the quality of education in government and municipal schools, poor people could then choose whose prescription would … Continue reading

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It was a historic day today when The President of India interacted with five innovation scholars in residence at The presidents house. The President Pranab Mukherjee is the first head of the state in the world to host grassroots innovators ( college students (see children ( at The President of house for three weeks till July 20. Continue reading