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Disrupting Dalit Destinies Through Inclusive Innovation

The history of injustice with Dalit communities has not always subdued their spirit. There are many instances  when some of them have come out of low self-image, low self-deprecating belief systems and decided to break out of culture of subjugation, learned-helplessness both involuntary and also voluntary. Extreme events some times are a historical necessity to … Continue reading

Unfolding Entrepreneurial Potential in Millions of Villages: Can Digital Networks Help?
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Unfolding Entrepreneurial Potential in Millions of Villages: Can Digital Networks Help?

The asymmetry in access to resources, institutions and technologies between urban and rural areas is enormous. Therefore, many creative people in the rural areas are unable to fully exploit their potential, not because they don’t have ideas or the persistence to pursue them, but because they lack an appreciative peer group. The idea of setting … Continue reading

Dissemination of frugal methods needed for innovative India

Dissemination of frugal methods needed for innovative India

Farmers in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra grow okra as border plantation to their cotton crops and have successfully managed to control the pest menace by using the traditional practise of burying the okra in the ground, says Prof Anil K Gupta. Gupta, who teaches at the IIM-Ahmedabad and the founder of the National Innovation Foundation … Continue reading

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Scaling up social innovations/technologies: cook in cast iron vessel to overcome anemia

The desire for  reforms and policy redesign at much faster pace than is the case just now is growing in society. The impatience with inertia is a good sign and public policy makers must take that as a positive sign. Without a set of demanding clients, no institution can pursue continuous innovation. How to institutionalise … Continue reading

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Twenty satellites in one launch: how does India make breakthroughs in space

I am just returning from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota from where India injected twenty satellites in a single launch at an extremely low cost. While interacting with scientists, visitors from IITs and other top institutions,   and young engineers, I tried to understand their motivation for persistent excellence. I also wanted understand the roots of … Continue reading