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Changing ratio of download to upload content on web: Towards a shared and open economy

There is a strong desire in the country to promote an entrepreneurial culture, which not only serves social needs through market but also non-market channels. Not every body can excel in all links in the knowledge and value chain for the purpose. Some can produce useful knowledge while other can add value, develop products and … Continue reading


A rolling stone that gathered a great moss: an ode to a shodhyatri

Why did you go to such interior places in Bastar? Don’t you know it is dangerous, asked the Police officer. Parshottam replied, “How else will we learn about the problems of the neglected communities?”. He was involved in designing a route plan for almost all the thirty five Shodhyatras in practically in every state of … Continue reading

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हमने राष्ट्रपति के हाथ से एवॉर्ड तो दे दिया पर बच्चो को स्कूल नहीं भेज पाये ….

  छोटाउदेपुर के २ समुदाय की एक तकनीक थी हरियाली हांड़ी उनको हमने २०१३ में राष्ट्रपति के हाथ से एवॉर्ड दिया था. लेकिन एवॉर्ड तो हमने दे दिया पर उनके पोते और बच्चे  आज भी पढाई करने नहीं जाते थे वो दो परिवार के बच्चे बकरी चराने का काम करते हे या अपने छोटे भाई … Continue reading