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UNICEF-SRISTI Summer School on Inclusive Innovation 2015

1. Developing solutions to Improve efficiency and ergonomics of coconut leaves broom makers – Yash Goyal, Pranav Kaushal, Gunjit Thapar University, Patiala The problems we have identified are in the process of broom making using coconut leaves. These stalks are hand stripped from the coconut tree leaves. For improving efficiency and ergonomics of the process, some … Continue reading


Learn, don’t lead; listen, don’t lecture, Mr Minister!

There are a few institutions which have brought more honour and pride to India than IITs, IIMs, AIIMS, Law schools, IISc, BARC, TiFR,  etc. These are the real jewels in Indian crown. Several central universities are equally distinguished. Should a system which works well be the concern of policy makers? Ironically, Previous government started the … Continue reading


Inverted triangle of innovation: children invent, engineers fabricate and companies go to market

Third  creativity  camp of  disadvantaged and privileged children organized  recently at IIMA by the Honey Bee Network threw up surprises again. Once again we learned that as we grow, our ability to perceive the unmet social needs, develop empathetic  feelings and convert these feelings into action doesn’t necessarily grow. Can we then listen to the … Continue reading


De-sign: designs for anonymous social/public good

I recently realised a paradox in our thinking about designing frugal solutions for contemporary problems. I share it here  to reflect and get feedback. There has been a long tradition in our country and many other societies of artists, designers, architects not signing their creations. Unlike the European  tradition, where every creation is signed and … Continue reading


Why vaccinate against excellence: will Mandarins introspect ?

Educational institutions are the primary instruments of formatting mind and fomenting turbulence for social change.  When we deliberately try to vaccinate such institutions against excellence, and sometimes even relevance, the task of change agents becomes so much more difficult.  The efforts for such vaccination have been going on for decades.  If despite that India has … Continue reading