Games we played in our childhood

We are doing research about the games we played as kids. Will request friends from all around the world and different parts of the country to share the game you played as child. Look forward to hear from you folks. If u wish to mail some pictures, pl do at or post it here. Thanks, do much, pl spread my request.

What we will do with the data on games:

We will make a spreadsheet of all the games. We will send messages to those who have mentioned less known or games unknown to us to get more information. Then we will divide the games on the basis of the uncertainty or strategic skill involved. That is, is it possible to master a winning strategy or does the game use simple randomness like ludo or snake and ladder. Later, we will analyze the gaming strategies with gender, location (village or city), age etc. We will then see whether our hypothesis about bias towards randomness having been waned out in the recent time is true or not. Are strategic-choice-games making younger people less patient, less appreciative of equanimity, more vulnerable under stress, and less tolerant of fluctuations in life as a normal part of living (surely such a mindset will fail to adapt to climate change consequences as well). If so, then we have to share our findings and encourage younger people to reflect on what they are doing with their imagination, how is it affecting the kind of world we create for ourselves and our grandchildren …

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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