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Dharamveer Kamboj’s innovation featured on The Disruptive Investor

Dharamveer Kamboj – Multipurpose Processing Machine

One of our innovations, the Multi-Purpose Processing Machine by Dharamveer Kamboj, Haryana, India, is featured on the site of The Disruptive Investor. It is a platform to connect the most disruptive technologies to the investment, licensing and acquisition communities.

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Dharamveer’s Machine

In December 2004, Dharamveer got the opportunity to visit various Aloe-vera and Amla processing units for various products in Rajasthan along with a group of farmers through the Department of Horticulture, Government of Haryana. Dharamveer made-up his mind to enter into this business but the high plant cost emerged out as a hurdle. Dharamveer didn‟t give up and decided to develop his own machine as by now he understood the processing methodology. He started working on the development and by April 2006, he was ready with the first prototype which he used mainly for juice extraction of Aloe-vera. He further modified the machine and used it as an essence extraction unit. With the help of this feature and a little more improvements he could use the machine for processing of several herbs and farm produces.

He had seen this in Ajmer Sharif where women were processing the sweets of Aonla manually. At that time, he thought that if he could make a machine which could do this then he could also make one that processed Amla and make a good profit.” (SRISTI 2012)

“The multipurpose processing machine developed by Dharamveer is a device capable of pulverising oil and essence extraction from various herbs and farm produce. The device is designed in such a way that it can also be used as a big pressure cooker, homogeniser or steriliser. Using this device, the innovator has also devised a method of extracting juices, and essence from Aloe Vera, Amla and other herbs and further processing them for making various products. He has been using it effectively for many years in producing various health care and cosmetic products. The device costs about Rs.1.35 lakhs.

The present machine is made of food grade stainless steel and has received a certification from FPO. For the extraction of juices of various herbs, pulp of fruit and vegetables, the machine does not use a blade as is the case in most available machines. Rather it uses a rotating rod which beats the product resulting in formation of juice and pulp. The machine has a provision for attaching a blade which is used for the pulverisation process. An electric motor is used to drive the central shaft; the power of the motor used depends on the capacity of the machine. The electrical motor is fitted with a stirrer or a blade and a filter made of stainless steel.

The machine looks like a vertical cylinder and is based on a platform erected on 4 legs. It is equipped with temperature and pressure measuring devices and has a water jacketed condenser to convert steam into liquid state. For heating purposes a separate burner is provided which has to be placed below the machine and connected to a gas cylinder/source. The heat is not directly applied to the product inside; an oil jacket of castor oil is provided which heats uniformly and thus heats the content without burning the product inside. Gauges for monitoring the temperature and pressure are provided so that they can be controlled for the processing of certain products. The vapours pass through a condenser. By movement of running water the vapour is condensed into liquid and this essence is collected in a different unit.

The device is portable and can be easily attached with a tractor and used anywhere on the field to process the herbs which is a requirement in this business. The machine is also equipped with an oil jacket outside the main chamber to prevent direct heating of the herbs.

Summary: The device is an enclosed steel cylindrical structure having an opening (with lid) at the top to feed the herbs and an outlet at the bottom to collect the residue. The essence is collected in the form of steam from the top and is condensed by passing through a water jacket. The container also has a stirrer arrangement at its centre attached to its lid which is rotated with the help of an electrical motor. Its portability makes it most suited for farm processing thereby producing farm fresh products and reducing transportation and stocking problems.” (SRISTI 2012)


Patent details: Application number 367/DEL/2008, dated 2008-02-12, RFE filed.

SRISTI (2012). GRIID Project Report, Aug 2010-Aug 2011. Ahmedabad: SRISTI.


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  1. How can it be useful to the home makers (women who are interserted to earn some money by working from home while taking care of their families)

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