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An ignition for young minds

Md. Usman, explaining to the former President of India, Dr APJ Adbul Kalam about this windmill driven ceiling fan

When IGNITE 2012 winners were announced in mid-October, some very interesting entries came forward.  The IGNITE awards ceremony held on 1oth November, was an opportunity to know the minds and hearts behind those ideas.  As Dr APJ Abdul Kalam strolled through the model realisations of these ideas, the patriot in him would have been a tiny bit prouder. Nowhere can imagination be freer than in a child’s mind; a mind that has not been taught its limits; a mind that has not yet learned to conform; a mind that has not yet been schooled to live with the problems around it. It is in such a mind that the most creative solutions for the society can be imagined. That is, precisely, the reason why the inverted model of innovation is being promoted by the Honey Bee Network.

This imagination is not limited to big cities or privileged kids. Md. Usman from Bhusaval in Jalgaon district came up with design to power the ceiling fan with a windmill installed overhead. It is an equally fascinating and humbling fact that a kid from Class 2 could come up with this idea. Jalgaon, like many parts of the country, experiences frequent power cuts. Unlike many of his grown up countrymen, Usman’s mind sought solutions to the problem instead of adjusting to it. Usman has promised to come up with many more innovations in the future.

There were many groups who came up with the idea that cars should not start unless a valid licence is inserted. Though all the kids can be equally applauded for thinking for an effective solution to a common problem, the story of Shiv Shankar and Ravi Ranjan is   particularly notable. Shiv Shankar sells eggs at some corner in Patna and Ravi Ranjan is the son of a railway linesman. They together collaborated on this idea. Unfortunately, Ravi’s mother could not see this day, when her son was being felicitated by one of India’s most revered heroes. She passed away a few days back. Shiv Shankar is no stranger to bereavement. He lost his father at an early age forcing his mother to take up farm labour to support the family. Many such heart-rending stories were brought to the forefront as we interacted with the children.

This year, a new category called the Kite Flying Awards was introduced to honour children who have thought of ideas that may not be feasible in the current scenario but somehow can be feasible in the future. One such idea was by Rohan Jolly who visits his grandparents in Kashmir quite often. In a place covered with snow for most of the year, it is not possible to go out without gloves. Rohan noticed that it was difficult to dial numbers on a phone with the gloves on. So, he thought of incorporating a cell phone within gloves.

A good idea cannot be a function of socio-economic circumstance. Nor can it be bound by the current technological paradigm. Given the right platform and direction, it can flourish into a matured solution. The Honey Bee Network continues to try to reach out to as many people as possible so that no great idea goes unheard.

The official press release from NIF can be found here.

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