SRISTI is looking for volunteers


SRISTI is looking for volunteers, students or others willing to work on modest stipend basis for four tasks:

a) Promoting the Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards (http://www.techpedia.in/award/)

b) Mobilising summaries and/or full projects of the last three years from technical colleges (polytechnics, degree colleges, pharmacy, engineering, agriculture, undergraduate or post graduate) for uploading with due credit on techpedia.in from all over the country. The idea is to promote originality, forge lateral links and link academia with MSMEs and informal sector challenges.

c) Data entry work, i.e. converting about 25000 word files of projects into database format for uploading on techpedia.in).
d) Those who wish to work on improving the websites of sristi.orgtechpedia.in or indiainnovates.com an other sites, are welcome to join us as well.Those interested may write to me or Hiranmay at hiranmay@techpedia.in ,  09909959336 or anilgb@gmail.com. Those who excel will get commendations.

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