Art Culture Society / Biodiversity

A Traditional Taste Ride….

The annual recipe competition was held on 18th December 2012 at the SRISTI office. Around 55 participants and more than 160 recipes were showcased in this competition. “Sattvik”, meaning pure or balanced, has been organized every year since 2004 and has on occasions seen more than 200 participants.

Many of the participants were participating in this competition for the first time. The competition yielded a rich harvest of traditional dishes such as multigrain rotlamakai ni potli (sweet made from American corn), patra, makke ka kees, ragi noodles, ragi cake, farali cake (cake made from buckwheat and water chestnut flour), mukhwaas, tea with coconut milk, jackfruit seed parathas, aloe vera dal, winter khichdi (contains ingredients such as garlic, cinnamon, chillies, ginger etc to keep the body warm in winter), multigrain sweets, yam handwa, sprouts bhel, red rice khichdi, multigrain pizza, kidney beans and beans kebab, jowar and bajra soups, mix leaves soup, multigrain khichdi, flax seed sweets and mathris, water chestnut cutlets, sukhdi (sweet), buckwheat and water chestnut handwa, ragi and dates rolls, kodri, mint and curry leaves idlis etc.  Many contestants seemed to have experimented with minor millets and uncultivated plants, creating delicious traditional and modern dishes out of them.  Not only was the food tasty, but the contestants impressed the judges with a stunning display of food art. Food aesthetics was a major attraction and an important criterion in the recipe competition. One such entry was the multigrain steak kebab which displayed information in a very creative manner. It mentioned the serving size, the ingredients involved and the nutritional benefits of the food. Enthusiasm was in the air and people were very keen to know about SRISTI and its activities. Later on, upama was served to the participants, thus, promoting healthy and tasty snacks instead of fried ones. The competition was judged by Ms. Ambarben Trivedi, Head of the Food and Nutrition Department, N.C. Bodiwala Home Science College, Ahmedabad and Mrs Sadhana Gupta,  Assoc. Editor, Sujh Bujh newsletter. Results of the competition will be out on 29th December 2012.

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