One day workshop to leverage innovation platform taking place at IIMA today


­A one-day workshop  is held at IIM Ahmedabad on 28th January 2013 bringing together experts and contributors from IITB, Mindtree, CTS, Code4Cause, GE, MIT and the Honey Bee Network to take the innovation and collaboration platform to the next level. was initiatied by SRISTI in 2009 and has up to date pooled more than one lakh projects, proposals and ideas by contributors from the formal and informal sector. Techpedia aims at putting the problems of micro, small and medium enterprises, fabricators, grassroots innovators and other stakeholders on the agenda of young technology students across the country. The aim is to enable collaboration between different disciplines, students, industries, academia, investors, entrepreneurs as well as the informal sector to co-create and foster distributed and horizontal innovations.

At the end of this one day workshop a roadmap defining responsibilities, concrete steps and milestones on how to take forward will be initiated.

Techpedia will

–          be an open source open access platform that highlights original thoughts and efforts of young people and creates the biggest existing database of ideas and solutions

–          follow a kho kho model of innovation enabling people to build upon each others’ ideas and prevent  to do again and again what has already been done before

–          review and criticise existing ideas and knowledge and highlight work which questions existing frameworks

–          ensure reciprocity, acknowledgement and benefit sharing with knowledge holders and idea providers

–          connect the agenda of students with needs of grassroots innovators in the informal sector as well as entrepreneurs, fabricators, investors and other stakeholders

–          bring forward challenge awards to solve problems which have been lived with too long

–          build capacities of grassroots innovators, community workshops and labs

–          promote frugal, affordable, ethical, open access, modular, accessible projects and solutions

–          follow a interdisciplinary approach blending various disciplines such as mechanics and electronics

–          connect mentors with students and provide automatic matchmaking that is geographically independent

–          create knowledge networks bringing together the brightest minds of the world working on similar projects

–           promote a culture of innovation amongst the young minds of the country and worldwide.

–          augment the capacity of anyone for solving problems

–          connect innovation projects with IP angels, fab angels, design angels, finance angels, IT angels, etc.

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