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Blending colours with joy

IMG_1825Colour has always had a special place in the history of human civilization. India, in particular, has had an enormous fascination with colour. Colour enriches our clothes, art, festivals and food. However, our appreciation and love for colour is never as strong as that of a child.

Colour attracts her attention. It makes her observe; observation makes her recognise beauty. The concept of beauty, that is thus registered, triggers a thought to create more beauty.  In the process she learns to create. She may  or may not create “beauty” as per the prevailing judgments of the grownups around her, but she has learned to create. She has learned to express. She has learned!DSC_9667

For recreating such moments of truth for young kids at Arzoo, on February 2nd, 2013, Prof Anil K Gupta and his students of Creativity, Innovation, Knowledge Network and Entrepreneurship (CINE) course taught at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad came together with SRISTI  and the local community to colour the walls of  Arzoo.

Arzoo is an education and activity centre which works towards providing a secure knowledge and livelihood base to the underprivileged children. The walls of Arzoo were dull and uninspiring and it was necessary to make them alive with colour.


We handed colours to the kids, IIM students and everyone who participated in the event. Soon after everyone embroiled themselves in colour. Some reinforced their love for colours. Some held a brush after years. And with a brush in hand, some couldn’t run away from their inner artist anymore under the excuse of busy lives. From an 8 year old kid to a 59 year old professor, no one could escape the spell of the brush.



Arzoo requires many basic things that could make a world of difference to the experience of the children here. However, what would help the children most is your presence. If you wish to contribute to Arzoo’s activity in any way please send an email to arzookids[at]gmail[dot]com or honeybee[at]sristi[dot]org. Arzoo is located at the following address:

Below Peace Hotel,Jamalpur Char Rasta, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

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