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List of Awardees 2013


On March 7, 2013, the Seventh National Award function for Grassroots Innovations and Outstanding Traditional Knowledge was held at Mughal Gardens, New Delhi. The National Awards were given away by Hon’ble President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee. A total of 68 innovators/traditional knowledge holders and five communities were awarded and appreciated in the award function.

Awardee profiles

List of Awardees
Lifetime achievement
1. Shri Annasab Udgave, Karnataka
National I – Six awards presented to six individuals and two community representatives
1. Multipurpose Processing Machine – Dharamveer Singh Kamboj, Haryana
2. Bamboo stripper cum splinter (Joint) – Lalbiakzuala Ralte and Lalpiangliana Biakthuama Sailo, Mizoram and Paresh Panchal, Gujarat
3. Breathing-based apparatus – Susant Pattnaik, Orissa
4. Herbal preparation for controlling stem and fruit borer in paddy and vegetable crops – Kodarji Kaluji Pagi, Gujarat (Community)
5. Herbal medication to cure coccidiosis in birds – Smt. Oinam Ibetombi Devi and Smt. Yumnam Ibetombi Devi, Manipur (Community)
6. Natural water cooler and others – Arvindbhai Patel, Gujarat (Serial Innovator Award)
National II – Four awards presented to five individuals (including one woman)
1. Tractor operated reaper windrower with reel – Bhagwan Singh Dangi, Madhya Pradesh
2. Improved variety of carrot – Smt. Santosh Pachar, Rajasthan
3. Herbal medication to cure coccidiosis in birds – Sudhakarbhai Gauli, Jeevalbhai Gauli, Gujarat
4. Manual walnut peeler and others- Mushtaq Ahmad Dar, J&K (Serial Innovator Award)
National III – Ten awards presented to fourteen individuals and three communities
1. Double shuttle loom – N. Nabakumar Singh, Manipur
2. Improved paddy variety – Smt. Ariyammal and Smt. Pushpam, Tamil Nadu
3. Improved and high yielding cardamom variety – L. Ramaiah, Tamil Nadu
4. Herbal medication for bloat in animals – Smt. Yasodaben Chaudhari, Yashwantbhai Gauli, Sudhakarbhai Gauli, Gujarat
5. Herbal medication for curing mastitis in animals – Boya Pedda Rajanna, Andhra Pradesh and N Govindan Tamil Nadu
6. Tractor operated groundnut digger – Sanjay Kumar D Tilwa, Gujarat
7. Natural non stick pan – Dhanuka, Bhil and Nayak Communities (Community)
8. Windmill, modified stove and other innovations – Bharatbhai Agrawat, Gujarat (Serial Innovator Award)
9. Modified rickshaw and others – Kanak Das, Assam (Serial Innovator Award)
10. Soil Scrapper and loader – Resham Singh Virdi, Rajasthan and Kuldeep Singh, Punjab
Posthumous Award– One
1. Coconut tree climber – Late MJ Joseph alias Appachan, Kerala
State Awards – Eight awards presented to Eight individuals (including two girls)
1. Manual paddy transplanter – Ranjit Mirig, Odisha
2. Innovative printer head for golden embossing – Ravindra Chopade, Maharashtra
3. Auto rickshaw suitable for lower-limb physically challenged – K. S. Sudheer, Kerala
4. Fuel efficient water heater – Durlabh Singh Puri, Himachal Pradesh
5. Mobile groundnut thresher cum collector – Mohanbhai Savjibhai Patel, Gujarat
6. Travel bag with seat – Nisha Chaube, UP
7. Grain separator – Md. Sajid Ansari, Jharkhand
8. Crutch with shock absorber – Archana Konwar, Assam
Consolation Awards – Seventeen awards presented to Eighteen individuals
1. Modified knapsack sprayer – Mohan Muktaji Lamb, Maharashtra
2. Power tiller operated turmeric harvester – P. Ramaraju
3. Multi angle power weeder- P. R. Natarajan
4. Poultry litter raking machine – Suresh NarothamBhai Patel
5. Tender coconut breaking and instant cooling machine – Mahadeviah Vinod
6. Fish dryer-Devan Singh
7. Electric loom for making bandages – Salam Rajeshkumar Singh
8. Hoe cum spade and other ideas/innovations -Refaz Ahmad Wani & Ishfaq Ahmad Wani, J&K
9. Herbal preparation for controlling of shoot and fruit borer in vegetable crops – Jokhu Shah, Bihar
10. Herbal preparation for controlling of leaf folder in paddy and pod borer in gram and pigeon pea – Madhav Lal Shav
11. Herbal preparation for controlling of Gundhi bug and leaf hopper in paddy crop –Raghunath Prasad, Bihar
12. Herbal preparation for controlling leaf folder and stem borer of paddy – Vijay Prasad, Jharkhand
13. Herbal preparation for controlling of leaf folder in paddy and fruit borer in vegetable crops – Rajesh Mishra
14. Herbal medication for preventing and curing retention of placenta in animals – Harshadbhai Patel, Gujarat
15. Herbal preparation for the treatment of anestrus in animals-Khumaji Badaji Kataviya, Gujarat
16. Herbal yield enhancer – Tulsyabhai Somabhai Pavar, Gujarat
17. Herbal preparation for pest control – G. Chandrasekhar, Andhra Pradesh
Student Awards- Six awards presented to ten students (including seven girls)
1. Healthy Air machine/Spot air cooling – G. Brahadees
2. Foldable & Portable multipurpose device – Pankit B. Gami and Ekta Patel
3. Alarm in water supply pipes to sound an alert for water supply – Himala Joshi
4. System to prevent people from using mobile phones while driving – Divyam Gupta
5. Bicycle based road cleaner – Riya Kothari, Nimran Kang, Kaamya Sharma and Mehr Mehta, Delhi
6. Recycled composite material made from multi layer film plastic packaging waste- Hetal Vaishnav, Gujarat
Diffusion Award – One
1. Botanical pesticides for controlling insect pests in agricultural crops – K. M. Chellamuthu, Tamil Nadu
Appreciation– Four
1. Paddy husk fuelled stove- Ashok Thakur, Bihar
2. Mini windmill – C. M. Subramanian, Tamil Nadu
3. Remote control for lights and fans – B. Mallesh, Andhra Pradesh
4. Black pepper plucking tool – Pratheesh C., Kerala
Partnership Awards– Seven
1. Yojana
2. Surana & Surana IP Firm
3. Shri O.P. Sharma, DFO Udaipur
4. Kashmir University
5. SDAU Dantiwada
6. Maharashtra Animal & Fishery Sciences University
7. National Centre for Cell Science, Pune
Media Awards – Three
1. Chitra Unnithan, Times of India
2. Lakshmi Ajay, Indian Express
3. Nidhi Tuli, Rangrez Films, Teenovation

Scout Award– One
1. SundaramVerma, Rajasthan


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