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Shodhyatra Follow-Up Meeting during Grassroots Innovation Exhibition in Delhi


On 8th March, 2013, a shodhyatra follow up meeting took place in Delhi during the Grassroots Innovation Exhibition at Mughal Gardens. Around 20 regular and new Yatris joined in to discuss progress and ideas for the follow up activities of the recent shodhyatra in Manipur as well as the coming shodhyatra in Maharashtra.

In the meeting it was stressed that the infrastructure needs to be strengthened for innovators, especially women innovators who do not have access to facilities as well as children who do not have access to schools. One of the aims will be to create open content libraries for schools. Also community centres as well as distributed innovation centres that harness and support local skills are to be set up. One of the main fundamental rules is that when we provide technologies and other infrastructure, we also must create the capacity to absorb and maintain those technologies. Moreover, before trying to create new institutions, we first try to cooperate with those existing institutions that have already established themselves in local regions.

Some participants pointed out that many schools throw away used posters and teaching materials. Rather than wasting them, these materials will be collected and sent to schools which are short of funding and thus have no means to print posters, purchase science kits, etc. Furthermore, a Network of Inspired Teachers will be created that becomes part of SRISTI’s Teachers to Transformers Initiative. That way teachers in all parts of the country can get involved and share experiences and innovative ideas. Also a CD/DVD of Open Source Content for children will be created in local languages that will be sent out to schools.

The grassroots technologies that were presented during the shodhyatra in Manipur and received extremely positive feedback and interest of the local people, such as N. Nabakumar Singh’s Double Shuttle Loom and Dharamveer Singh Kamboj’s Multipurpose Processing Machine, which also received a National Award from the President Shri Pranab Mukherjee at the Seventh Biennial Grassroots Innovations and Traditional Knowledge Awards, will be shared with those communities.


For more information about the coming shodhyatra and registration write to shodhyatra@sristi.org


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