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Responsible Research: learning more than bargained for

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We will have a workshop on Grassroots Innovation tomorrow at IIMA in which a senior colleague and doctoral student Ms Riya Sinha Chokkakula will share findings of her research with the providers of knowledge and scientist, users, derivative innovators and other stakeholders involved in scouting or diffusion of those innovations.

Every research study ideally should involve feedback of findings in local language with the key providers of the knowledge, data and information including common people for ethical and scientific reasons.

Ethical: we have no right to use the knowledge provided by someone without her informed consent and without letting her know what we will do with that knowledge. We then need to inform her of the actual use made.

Scientific: often, only when we feed back what we learned from providers of knowledge, they come to know why we were asking the questions in the first place. Once they know the context, they offer new knowledge which could not have been accessed without sharing the findings of a study. One can say that there is no other methodology by which we can access this new knowledge. May the tribe of responsible researchers grow…..



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