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Workshop with Grassroots Innovators at IIMA

ImageA workshop on Grassroots Innovation was held at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) on March 15, 2013, where Riya Sinha Chokkakula, a senior member of the Honey Bee Network and a doctoral student, presented her findings to the innovators from whom she had collected data for her doctoral research.

Innovators and derivative innovators of Santi/Sanedo/Handiyo, Reshampatto chilli variety and HMT paddy variety were specially invited in this knowledge sharing session. It is important that researchers share back their inferences with those from whom the data is taken. This workshop was an attempt to do the same. It is also a way to increase the validity of research by making sure that the inferences are consistent with the observations of the innovators.

Riya explained the framework for understanding the evolution and diffusion of grassroots innovations.  She also argued that for better diffusion there should be more bundling than blending of the components of an innovation.

LK Dhaduk, a senior research scientist from Junagadh Agriculture University explained to the farmers how to maintain pure lines for selected varieties. The workshop also cleared some differences between innovative farmers.

There was a discussion on whether gearboxes can be manufactured by the Santi/Sanedo makers. The high cost of making a gearbox was a concern that the innovators unanimously expressed.  It was mutually decided to form a cooperative to represent the interests of the manufacturers for Santi/Sanedo and for facilitating the process of RTO registration of Santi/Sanedo.

By the end of the day, the workshop achieved its intended purpose. The innovators could interact with each other and discuss their matters. The workshop also shed some light on some issues in the Santi/Sanedo innovation ecosystem. Discussion on all major components of the Santi took place. It is hoped that this would lead to an optimal degree of standardisation for the device.


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