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31st Shodhyatra, Wardha, Maharashtra – open for registration!

shodh yatra

Dear All

the coming Shodhyatra will be organised in Wardha District, Maharashtra, from 5th to 12th May, 2013. Who would like to participate in the coming Shodhyatra, please be present on 4th May 2013 at Wardha, Maharashtra by evening. Departure is possible on 12th May 2013 10:00 am onwards.

In order to reach the grassroots people and connect with them, a learning walk is organized by SRISTI (Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions, a voluntary organisation located in Ahmedabad, India). Twice a year, Shodhyatra takes place in rural areas in different geographical locations of the country, with support from the Honey Bee Network. The aim of this yatra is to felicitate local grassroots innovators, traditional knowledge holders, students with innovative ideas and people with significant contribution to society in conserving bio‐diversity, etc. at their door steps, in front of their community so that inspiration may be drawn by others. The marching group of Shodhyatris consists of scientists, innovators, villagers, students and professors who travel about 150 km over a period of seven‐eight days, to convey the message of the network. Biodiversity and idea competitions are organised among children while recipe contests are organised among women in some of the villages (particularly with focus on such food recipes in which at least one less known or forgotten plant produce has been used).

Shodhyatra is a journey in search of knowledge, creativity and innovations at the grassroots. It is an attempt to reach out to the remotest part of the country with a firm belief that hardship and challenges of natural surroundings are the prime motivators of creativity and innovation. Shodhyatra aims at unearthing such traditional knowledge and grassroots innovations that have not only simplified the lives of men, women and farm labourers but have also significantly contributed towards the conservation of bio‐diversity. It is a journey of mutual exchange and sharing of knowledge.

The following activities are undertaken during the Shodhyatra:

  • Felicitation of local innovators and traditional knowledge holders.
  • Organising traditional recipe competitions, biodiversity competitions to promote local biodiversity conservation and generate awareness about the same.
  • Knowing and understanding local issues and problems of villagers by conducting village meetings.
  • Sharing open source information available with SRISTI which may be of use to the local people.
  • Identification of centenarians, enterprising women and children, artisans, rural researchers and people contributing to the preservation of natural resources.
  • Preparations of a data register of local knowledge and local plant diversities.
  • Generating awareness about preservation of local spices and local biodiversity
  • Promoting low cost, less expensive and organic farming technologies.

How to reach
By Rail: Wardha
By Bus: Wardha
By Air: Nearest Airport-Nagpur, 70 km from Wardha

For further information pl contact Mr. Ramesh B Patel (Mobile: 9825061139) or send an email to

Instructions for Shodhyatris on how to prepare for the walk can be found here.


AES Boy’s Hostel Campus
Nr. Gujarat University Library and SBI Bank
Ahmedabad-380 009
Tel: 079-27912792, 27913293

Route of 31th Shodhyatra – Wardha Maharatsra
5th May to 12th May 2013
Rout – Sewagram – Wardha to heti Kundi – Karnja Block
the participation is by prior consent please, send mail to since numbers have to be kept in limit to ensure that local logistics dont go out of hand. we appreciate genuine seekers and potential volunteers. The temp is likely to be 48-49 degree celsius.
No date Location Event KM Co – Name contacts
1 5-5-2013 Sevagram Night Meeting o Sunil kolhe 09421784347
2 6-5-2013 Sevagram to Pavnar Meeting 7 Ravi bokre 09765445866
3 6-5-2013 Pavnar to Mahakal Meeting &Noon 4 Suraj godo 09764024012
4 6-5-2013 Mahakal to Satoda Meeting 3
5 6-5-2013 Satoda to Pipri Night Meeting 5 vashudev 07798736967
6 7-5-2013 Pipri to Pandhrvada Meeting 3 mangeshji 09326450627
7 7-5-2013 Pandharvada to Ganeshpur Meeting 3 Nirmal dhumte 09823557964
8 7-5-2013 Ganeshpur to Digrash Meeting  &Noon 2 Dilip patil 09764165433
9 7-5-2013 Digrash to Zadgaov Meeting 3 Vikash satkre 09975773929
10 7-5-2013 Zadgaov to Belgaov Night Meeting 2 Gajand katkar 08805842061
11 8-5-2013 Belgav to Mandava Meeting 5 Sangita nyare
12 8-5-2013 Mandava to Parsodi Meeting 2
13 8-5-2013 Parsodi to Ekburji Meeting & Noon 2 utamrav
14 8-5-2013 Ekburji to Pachod Meeting 2 yogesh 08308571897
15 8-5-2013 Pachod to Chitki Meeting 2 pratpji
16 8-5-2013 Chitki to Khairi Meeting 3
17 8-5-2013 Khairi  to Saldhara Night Meeting 3 Ganeshji 09921791618
18 9-5-2013 Saldhra to kakadhara Meeting 3 Moresvar 09764314782
19 9-5-2013 Kakadhara to Panjra Meeting & Noon 3 Kishor aastkar 09049609170
20 9-5-2013 Panjara  to  Kinhala Meeting 3 Shyam chokne 09673493009
21 9-5-2013 Kinhala to Bothli Meeting 3 Madhukarrav chokne 09823497158
22 9-5-2013 Bothli to Chandani Night Meeting 3 Vivek garhat 09881165710
23 10-5-2013 Chandani to Danapur Meeting 2 aandrav 09765547983
24 10-5-2013 Danapur to Mahadapur Meeting 1 Mangesh malgav 07588187644
25 10-5-2013 Mahadapur to khervada Meeting & Noon 4 Surendr kohle 9623335097
26 10-5-2013 Khervada to Bramanvada Meeting 3 Subhash 09765264041
27 10-5-2013 Bramanvada to Dhaga Night Meeting 4 Ajabrav salam 07156-219924
28 11-5-2013 Dhaga to Bhivapur (HETHI) Meeting 4 Sravan vike O9545966326
29 11-5-2013 Bhivapur to Nandora Meeting & Noon 2 Vijay m digrase 09404549067
30 11-5-2013 Nandora to kannamavar Meeting 2   “ 09404549067
31 11-5-2013 Kannamavar to Ajandoh Meeting 2 Sriram randhm 09404354521
32 11-5-2013 Ajandoh  to Heti kundi Night Meeting 3 Sasravji  vike 09823448742
33 12-5-2013 Heti kundi Meeting (Shodhyatri ) 0
1-chetan patel-  9552464106,09227447243  2-purshottam patel —  9552464127,09979892139
3 Ajit Jadav – 09552520245       4 Mahendra Phate 09552520247



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