Awards / Innovation

SRISTI’s GYTI Awards: Non-Invasive Estimation of Blood Glucose Using Infrared Thermography against the Bio-Marker

Student Team : Sivanandam S , B. Venkatraman, Menaka M, Sharath D
Supervisor Name: Dr. M.ANBURAJAN

Category: Bio-Medical & Health Care

The application of the non-invasive infrared thermography in the diagnosis and prediction of the type 2 diabetes against the bio-marker (HbA1c) was studied based on the evidence that insulin has a profound impact on metabolism, blood sugar and the core body temperature.


It was measured by the skin surface temperature based on the standard practice of the European Academy of Thermology. The study subjects n=62 were classified into the control and diabetic as per the diagnostic criteria (HbA1c of 6.5%) set by the American Diabetes Association and the World Health Organization. Diagnostics seemed to have worked well.
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