Awards / Innovation

SRISTI’s GYTI Awards: Nanofinishing of freeform surfaces of prosthetic knee joint implants

Student Team : Ajay Muljibhai Sidpara
Supervisor Name: Prof. V. K. Jain, Prof. V. K. Suri, Prof. R. Balasubramanian
College Name: Indian institute of technology Kanpur

gyti knee joint sidpara
The components having freeform surfaces (surfaces which cannot be defined accurately mathematically) have been widely used in aerospace, automobile, medical, consumer products and the die and mould industries to meet specific requirements. Nanofinishing of knee joint implant is one of the most important and costly process steps to make the implants suitable for patients. Therefore, the implants are often inaccessible to people from poorer parts of the world. Moreover, the lifespan of the implant is short when it has high surface roughness. That makes it difficult for the patient to undergo a surgery to remove worn implants and replace them with  new ones. A comprehensive in-house facility for finishing of these implants with cost effective and efficient technologies would provide long-term support to orthopaedic industries and also lead to savings of a considerable amount of foreign exchange. Therefore, a new process called magnetorheological fluid based finishing process has been developed for nanofinishing of knee joint implants. This technology will significantly impact the orthopaedic implants industry by improving the functionality and extend the lifespan of the  implants. A minimum surface roughness of 28 nm has been achieved with a variation of up to 97 nm, which is within the ASTM standard of knee joint implant.

gyti knee joint 2

gyti knee joint 12

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