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SRISTI’s GYTI Awards: Clubfoot Orthosis


clubfoot orthosis1 Student Team : KANWALJIT SINGH
Supervisor Name: Dr. P.M. Pandey ( Dept of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi)
University: IIT Delhi
College Name: IIT Delhi

clubfoot orthosisClubfoot often technically referred to as ‘congenital talipes equinovarus’ (CTEV) is a complex foot deformity which is present from birth and causes one or both feet of the new born baby to be twisted along three axes from ankle. If the clubfeet are not treated in infancy, the persons will have to walk on the outer edges of their feet throughout life. Every year more than 35000 babies are born with clubfoot in India and more than 200,000 babies are born with clubfoot globally. The present method of treatment is by repeatedly applying plaster on the feet of the baby. For the full treatment by this method minimum eight castings of plaster are required which is very costly and very annoying for the new born baby. Also this method has so many complications such as skin dehydration, formation of ulcers, blood circulation problem, etc. In the present work a novel design of orthosis has been conceived which will eliminate the need of plaster on the feet of the baby. The method involved to use the proposed orthosis is very simple to apply and orthosis can be put on / off by the parents of the baby. The cost of the clubfoot treatment will be drastically reduced by the designed orthosis because it will save the cost spent on plasters for treatment. The number of hospital visits will also be reduced. Moreover, only one orthosis can be used by many patients.

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