Awards / Innovation / Research

SRISTI’s GYTI Awards: The Third Eye: A device to assist visually challenged people



Student Team : Naveen Kumar Rai
Supervisor Name: Dr. Amit Sethi
College Name: Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

third eyeThe proposed device will assist visually handicapped people in navigating the outdoor environment. It will look out for three specific types of visual patterns that are of high importance. These are written text and road signs, vehicles or moving objects, and land/road surface patterns (steps, roughness etc.). The device will be portable and wearable. It will include a small camera mounted on sunglasses, a small computer, and a headphone. When the device is switched on, the camera will capture a video stream of what lies ahead. The computer will process this information using video processing and pattern recognition techniques. Based on the importance of different patterns, it will send audio messages to the headphone.

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Inquiries from potential investors and mentors are welcome.



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