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Conversation on Knowing, Feeling and Doing

imagine fiesta

SRISTI & The Honey Bee Network invite for an Open Conversation on 

Knowing, Feeling and Doing

Saturday, 29th June, 10am

The event is  part  of  the Imagine Fiesta Initiative organised by Imagination for People, a world wide community to detect and support creative people.

With the expansion of knowledge around a variety of issues, it is natural for any empathetic person, institution or network to feel responsible for some of the consequences or imperatives of the knowledge obtained.  But we are all pragmatic people.  We have our current business to do.  The urgency of tasks often assumes importance but the opposite does not happen very often.  The important tasks do not always become urgent.  How else do we explain so much inertia at personal, institutional and social level.

From among those concerns for which we have a feeling, a very small share compels us to take action.  Even among these actions, there are only a few with which we persist and make them core to our being.  This workshop proposes to discuss the filter that reduces knowledge into feelings and feelings into action and if I may say so, action into passion.  We need to discover the roots of inertia, particularly affecting so many communities and environmental challenges for which sufficient knowledge, feeling and actions don’t seem to accrue, sometimes for millennia.

Venue: SRISTI, AES Boys Hostel Campus, Near Gujarat University Library, Ahmedabad 

The event will be broadcasted live at To attend online, one needs to sign up with attendbyvideo, which is a free service.

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