32nd Shodhyatra Snapshots

SRISTI’s 32nd Shodhyatra  took place from December 29,2013 to January 1,  2014 over 80 kms  starting from Nirmal Kuteya in Sultanpur Lodi to Seechewal.

This time the Shodhyatra is also a tribute to the efforts of Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal who mobilized local communities to clean the Kali bein river when state and the  legal systems proved inadequate in the matter.

About the Shodhyatra

The Shodhyatra is a learning walk is organised by SRISTI (Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions),Ahmedabad,  supported by various sister institutions of the Honey bee Network in particular National Innovation Foundation. The purpose is to learn from four teachers, one within, one around, one in nature and one among common people.

Twice a year, the ShodhYatra takes place in different parts of the country, with support of the Honey Bee Network. The aim of this yatra is to felicitate creative people at their doorsteps. The yatris learn from the wisdom of local communities,grassroots innovators, traditional knowledge holders, students with innovative ideas and other individual change agents making significant contribution to society in conserving bio‐diversity, promoting educational innovations, supporting cultural creativity, revitalizing local institutions etc.

Biodiversity, and idea competitions are organized among children and recipe contests are organized among local women in some of the villages.  Special attention is paid to recipes with at least one less known or uncultivated plant as an ingredient).

The Shodhyatra  helps in reaching out to  remote  and neglected parts of the country with a firm belief that natural and social  hardships and challenges are the prime triggers for creativity and innovation. Traditional knowledge and grassroots innovations are scouted and disseminated  that have not only simplified the lives of men, women and farm labourers but have also significantly contributed toward the conservation of biodiversity and other natural resources and environmental quality. More details

Below are some of the snapshots of this year’s winter shodhyatra through Prof Anil K Gupta’s  eyes and camera.

December 29, 2013

Too much use of fertilisers has caused canals to be full of Water Hyacinth.

A mobile sugarcane juicer was spotted

Mobile sugarcane juicer

In spite of all the green revolution fuelled growth, the farmers in Punjab do not use any safety masks or other safety gear. The policymakers are concerned about the agricultural produce but health of the farmer is, apparently, not a priority.


The first innovator on this yatra is found, Sukhwinder Singh has developed a sowing machine for gladiolus bulbs. The idea came about when they saw a video of a big  expensive machine. They developed a small frugal machine affordable to local farmers.

sukhwinder singh gladiolus bulb

 The menace of drug addiction is quite rampant in these regions. The yatris stopped by a Gurudwara in Bussowal village and learned about the local agriculture, crafts and social problems.  They were informed that even 6 year old children were addicted to drugs and then these addicts became agents to spread the menace further.

They also learned about traditional practices here. A plant of Brassicaceae family was used to cure many ailments.

Paramjit Kaur diplayed a basket of straw and her daughter-in-law Satwinder displayed beautiful flowers that can be seen below


In Bhago Buddha village, the yatris savoured various local dishes.

recipes in bhago buddha village

The yatris also discovered a cycle based hoe in Bhago Buddha village, similar to what Gopal Bhise developed in Jalgaon, Maharashtra.

bicycle based hoe

At night in Khurd Ali Kalan village,  yatris and villagers held a discussion on how to make enriched organic fertilisers.


One thought on “32nd Shodhyatra Snapshots

  1. i want to say that the innovation of gladiolus bulbs machine for small local farmers was developed by lakhwinder singh . i am send some pictues of that machine.plese send your whatsapp contect number.

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