Children / Innovation

Care Mother

Shantanu Pathak, Dr. Shital Munde, Makrand Kate, Gaurav Khatale, Dr. Vaishali Korde
Supervisor: Prof. Vaibhav Tidke
Muhs, Nasik

Care Mother is mobile pregnancy care integrated end to end solution, which provides remote and regular healthcare access at doorstep. It predicts and identifies high risk pregnancies, and connects with doctor before complications occur through an innovative operating model. The system comprises portable solar powered integrated non-invasive kit for digital tests for Hb, blood pressure, urine protein, urine sugar, foetal heart rate, weight, height, fundal height etc., a mobile application to record test data, educate and engage pregnant women and an integrated web application for doctors to analyse patient from/at a remote location.

2350-team-1[1]   2350-inno-2[1]

2350-inno-3[1]  2350-inno-1[1]


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