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A community course on the art of knowing feeling doing

a un-course, open to all but with prior registration, 8.20pm till 10.20 pm, iima june 15-19, 2014, an effort in community wide lateral learning, most likely, wing 11, only condition, bring e-mind ( what is e-mind, guess)….send why such a course could be useful to you and what can you contribute to it, Please fill this form to confirm your participation art of knowing feeling doing   learners of all ages, backgrounds and from outside iima will also be welcome what is authentic learning; how do we know what we dont; when we know so much, why is that we feel about only a little bit and we decide to do something about even fewer feelings? can this inverted triangle become closer to a rectangle, may be less obtuse at least…. it is third edition of the course; i hope more colleagues will offer such courses which can be attended by communities outside iima also subject to any restriction that faculty may like to keep   more information will follow: 2011 and 2013 versions are available at suggestions invited sharing what we know, and what we are good at……… learn from unexpected quarters….

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