World Day Against Child Labour- June 12

SRISTI started this initiative, on finding technological alternatives for eliminating child labour, with ILO about a year back. Let us join hands to take this forward in different capacities. You can help us to reach more technologies, investors for developing new technologies or upgrading the existing ones, partners for disseminating the existing technologies or spreading the word around so that more and more people become aware of these alternatives and make the lives of the children better. Childhood is for studying, playing, learning, having loads of fun. let us try our bit honestly!!!


Compendium of Technological Innovation for Eliminating Child Labour

Childhood Labour

Denial of childhood is an unacceptable malice. Yet, in a large number of regions in the world children choose work over education. This not only affects the future capabilities of children but also perpetuates a moral myth that an means of generating economic surlus or growth is acceptable. The Right to Education Act require that every child must be provided school education. In cases where children go to school and work, fatigue and other work related impact often decrease a child’s school performance. However, the tragedy is that laws seldom prove to be sufficient.

Link to the technologies

One thought on “World Day Against Child Labour- June 12

  1. Can we introduce income source for children at the age of 14 years on wards?

    People having money don’t send their children to schools as they don’t have belief in education.
    Instead they send their children for work/labour job and this is how they belief of making money.

    China have done the changes in the education system. regards

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