Macrophage-specific Targeting Of Mannose-functionalized Biodegradable Polymeric Nanoparticles Of Some Anti-leishmanial Drugs- Development Optimization And Efficacy Evaluation

Pramila Chaubey
Supervisor: Prof. Brahmeshwar Mishra
Indian Institute Of Technology (bhu), Varanasi
Macrophage targeted mannosylated chitosan nanoparticles (mCNPs) of two Anti-leishmanial drugs (ALDs) Rifampicin (RIF) and Curcumin (CUR) using circumscribed central composite factorial design (CCD) were developed. Antileishmanial activity was assessed in vitro using a macrophage (J774A.1 cell line) model of Leishmania donovani infection and in vivo by comparing the parasite load of hamsters. mCNPs had significantly greater antileishmanial efficacy than free drugs without any significant cytotoxic effects. mCNPs may be considered as promising carrier for selective delivery of ALDs to macrophages for effective management of virus load.

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