Shailesh sharma

Riding high with spirits, donning many hats : an artist, a driver, a designer, and an event manager. Hails from Mainpuri, grew up near Sabarmati, lives in Chandkheda

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I met Shailesh sharma, who paints, drives car, manages events and struggles to be happy by being himself. I was driven by him to IIT Gandhinagar for a lecture when I talked to him on the way. He found my interest in his art intriguing. While I was giving lecture, he went home and brought his paintings from home. He told me on the way when I told him to occasionally visit art galleries after seeing his sketches on phone. Those interested in buying his art, contact him on phone number below.

When you board a taxi, don’t keep your face long and glum. No harm in finding a bit about the person who drives your car and takes you to your destination. You might discover art and gain other insights on the way I did.

Shailesh Sharma
Contact no: 09173857857


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