Demise of Boya Rajanna – Innovator and President of India awardee

imageThe Honey Bee Network prays that his soul rests in peace and that his spirit of generous sharing of his knowledge spreads far and wide. Some day we will have to reflect whether; whatever we have done so far is enough to reciprocate the kind and selfless innovators and healers of our country. May his spirit sustain our commitment to the cause.

He was sick for only 4-5 days and despite the best of the care at Bengaluru with our volunteers at his side, He left us for the heavenly abode on 06 October 2015.

Rajanna all through his life served animals. He took care of them as human beings. Various experiments with herbs he conducted to ensure the pains to the animals are minimized. His herbal medicine for Mastitis has been very effective and has been popular in Telugu states. Rajanna was the happiest person when NIF announced his name for President of India award 2012. It also brought him a lot of popularity in his district and across Andhra Pradesh.

Rajanna was a simple but a humane person.He devoted his life for the treatment of animals and that too without any remuneration. Animals around his village surely praying silently for the peace of his soul.
Rajanna is survived by his wife, three married daughters and six grand children. We pray for the bereaved family who need support and courage to pursue their lives without Rajanna. We will carry on with the mission of Rajanna by supplying the medicines he prepared and shared its knowledge with us to treat animals.That is the least we can do as a tribute to his selfless services to thousands of mute animals around in his district.
We miss you Rajanna. May your soul Rest in peace.

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