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Seed container that indicates growth of germs- Wings to imaginative children:Indian children refuse to live with problems unsolved indefinitely

deeptiPests and germs in stored grains could be a thing of the past if Dipti’s seed container with an indicator for temperature, sees the light of the day. Whenever Dipti’s mother stored food grains,pests, insects and micro-organisms used to attack the grains, damaging them. They would not come to know if the stored grains got affected by pests. To solve this problem, she thought of a way to determine growth of germs in the stored grains.Then, she decided to study the activities of the germs through an increase in temperature inside the bin. 
The understanding that metabolism produces heat helped me develop the idea of a seed container, which can indicate the growth of organisms inside it, thereby detecting the increase in temperature of the container and thus, alert the user.
seed container-indicate germ growth

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