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Stress monitoring mechanism in animals- Wings to imaginative children:Indian children refuse to live with problems unsolved indefinitely

Diva sharmaDiva Sharma from Delhi has created an alert for injured or sick animals to identify the most serious case of injury or sickness among all other ailing animals so that can get immediate attention from the veterinary doctor .

An animal lover, Diva Sharma has developed an application, which records the respiratory rate, temperature, pulse rate, heart beat rate of animals, through sensors attached to their bodies.The idea of the app occurred to Diva, when she saw a street dog being hit by a car. As the driver sped away, Diva and her mother took the severely injured dog to a well-known animal help organization in the capital.

The system is an economic way to alert doctors about emergencies, as soon as an animal is brought into a hospital. The system includes a sensor attached to the bodies of the animals that will monitor the heartbeat, check pulse rate and also help in checking blood loss. The sensor is connected to an app that can be downloaded by the vets on their smartphones.Stress monitoring device

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