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Bahadapur- An ideal village

Bahadapur- An ideal village.

In the state of Gujarat, in a tehsil, there is a village named Bahadapur.

Bahadapur is a financially as well as socially secure village. The people of this

village focus on health as well being helpful & kind to each other. Most of the

people in this village are literate & educated & are proud, for working in

different parts of India.


There is a 50 year old Gita temple in this village. After school children of

this village go to the Gita temple & read the holy Gita & Ramayan for 1 hour.

Even the other villagers young as well as old go to the temple regularly.

The raas mandali (performing art group specializing in dandia) is very well

known, whatever amount of money is collected is donated to the temple & the

rest is used for development of the village.

A water tank has been constructed for the animals from which they can

drink water. And with a good management sense a library has also been

constructed on top of the water tank. An R.O plant has also been installed which

would supply pure & safe drinking water all over the village. Rs 2.50 per 20

liter are charged for the villager who purchases this water. Rs 2.50 are used for

the R.O plant’s maintenance.


Chabutra’s are found in most of the villages in Gujarat, but a different kind

of chabutra which is found in a village named Kathiyawad is found here, in

Bahadapur too. In Bahadapur there are 3-4 ways in which the grains for the

birds are collected:-

 On the festival of colors Holi, the villagers come together & give

whatever quantity of grains or birdfeed they wish to offer to the birds.

 Some villagers go for a morning walk (Prabhat pheri) everyday &

collect some birdfeed & put it on the chabutra.

 On happy occasions like a wedding or birth of a child, etc. also the

villagers offer grains to the birds.

 On the occasion of Janmashtami, a cultural event is organized by the

raas mandali & the villagers offer water to the birds; & whatever

amount of money is obtained from the event is used to buy birdfeed &

fodder for the cows. The villagers maintain the chabutra.


In the primary school the teachers do a good job by providing the children

the theoretical knowledge of the book as well as general knowledge. Many new

books are being brought in the school for the children & everyday each student

has to ask 10 good questions. Every student’s record is maintained in a file

format in school which mentions all the work a student has done. The 2-3

students who come up with very good questions are rewarded, & this motivates

the other students as well to perform better. Extra- lectures are also conducted

for the students who are weak in studies. English is taught through a medium of

many fun games.

When an annual cultural event is organized in the village; the villagers who

are working in some other city also come & attend the event & take part in the

cultural, social & historical & traditional activities like bhavai, Raas, garbha,

etc. they also offer some donation which is used to sovle any problem in the


One person has been made in charge for keeping the village & the water

tank clean. All the villagers contribute toward his salary. A proper sewage

system, cow shed & garden has been constructed by the villagers.

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