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IMC inclusive innovation awards



Sristi, as knowledge partners of  IMC, is making a joint call for IMC Inclusive Innovation Awards 2017 for GENZ-Special Award for the Young Innovator Category (Age group 13 – 23 years).

2017 is the fourth cycle of the Award.  The first three cycles evinced, high level of interest and participation from grassroot innovators across the country.

The aim of the Awards is to identify and support work of entrepreneurs/ innovators, who are in the process of building enterprises that focus on products or services which are of high quality and yet, affordable and accessible to all sections of the society, especially those leading to growth and development of the population at the base of the economic pyramid, while ensuring commercial viability of the venture.

Simply put, inclusive innovation means “more from less for more and more people” from excluded regions, sectors, social groups, pursuing traditonal skills, affected by seasonal climatic extremes, and under-served by less sensitive structures of governance. Such innovations meet the hitherto unmet needs of socially disadvantaged communities.

The information for the same is available on the Website


The Award for winner of GEN Z – Special Award for the Young Indian Innovator (Age group 13-23 years) is Rs 2 Lakhs, in cash/form considered appropriate by the Jury and mentoring/incubation support.

The Award is sponsored by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Foundation and Zee Business (electronic media), DNA (print media), Big FM (radio), DigitalHaathi (digital) and Sristi (Gen Zee Category) are the partners for the Awards project.

You may apply by downloading the applications from

and send your completed entry by email at in prescribed form on or before 15th December, 2017.  Ms. Selby Nambisan (  will be available, as in the past, to provide clarifications/guidance that you may need.

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