Creativity at Grassroots by the Honeybee Network publishes insights into India’s creative and vibrating innovation landscape at the grassroots level. We believe in the creative potential of common people because minds at the margins are not marginal minds.

In cooperation with SRISTINIFGIAN and uncountable volunteers and students in India’s villages and around the world our vibrant network has scouted and collected thousands of ideas, innovations, traditional knowledge, local art, recipes and wisdom of centenarians that should no longer remain hidden or get lost.

“The composition of this cure will die with me”, said a traditional healer. Isn’t it urgent to document his knowledge? And who would not be interested in the secret of longevity that 120 years old Meyben Devanandbhai Ram from MorvadVillage, District Junagadh has to share? And what motivated Jam Sing Jhiri from Nandor Village (30km from Bhopal on the main road to Sehore) to paint his house in the most daring colours? What is a penao? And how does DN Venkant from Tamil Nadu climb a coconut tree easily and without fear in a most comfortable sitting position? We will share those and many more interesting stories and hope to inspire people”s imagination and creativity.

We share inspiring stories, local practices, ideas of outstanding and curious kids, reflections of SRISTI’s Shodh Yatras as well as traditional practices. We hope to encourage every reader to become part of the HoneyBee Network’s crosspollination efforts.

Please write to us about your ideas and innovations. Surprise us!

Make use of the comments section and express ideas, react to posts, give insights and put forward your suggestions. Share what inspires you with family, friends and colleagues.

If you would like to support us, please feel free to contact us at hbncon@gmail.com or go to our website and find more information at www.honeybee.org

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  1. A washbasin design that wastes no water, meets best hygiene standards, at the same cost of regular washbasin, and it will kill motion sensing taps technology…Appreciated by US based Ngo


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