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Menstruation: a curiosity gone astray

Conversation about menstruation, despite  very ably made film, Padman has not yet started in the right earnest. I am not sure how many parents have talked to their children around the dining table (if they have one) or in the chuaka, the cooking place about why biological processes are dirty or polluting per se. We … Continue reading


Not letting social differences be resolved through violence

How to differ without being disrespectful and violent in civic life? There has been a great disquiet in the country because of increasing instances of violence against innocents just because one wants to express one’s dissatisfaction and disaffection towards certain viewpoints. In a democratic setup, difference of views is inevitable. In fact, democracy thrives on … Continue reading


Curiosity trigger compassion, when questions generation collaboration

There are times when we get stuck in major policy debates because we are too convinced of the position we have taken. How do overcome the logjam in such situations.  Let me take a concrete case of the recent efforts to galvanise the administrative machinery of 115 most economically backward districts to fast track in … Continue reading


New ideas for agriculture budget to alleviate farmer distress

There is consensus in the country that farmer’s income instead of increasing has either declined or has remained stagnant. Even the union agriculture minister acknowledged that minimum support prices are not being received by the farmers in many crops. Some analysts have suggested that instead of central government meeting 60% cost of procurement, it should … Continue reading