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Fertilizing Imagination of Children: what happens when they grow up

Many parents are worried that children get highly stressed at young age because of various anxieties triggered by perhaps  parental and/or social expectations. But they still don’t provide enough opportunities to their children to relax by fertilizing their imagination, wander to wonder about nature, social diversity and even more importantly, so many unmet social needs … Continue reading

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IMC inclusive innovation awards

Announcement   Sristi, as knowledge partners of  IMC, is making a joint call for IMC Inclusive Innovation Awards 2017 for GENZ-Special Award for the Young Innovator Category (Age group 13 – 23 years). 2017 is the fourth cycle of the Award.  The first three cycles evinced, high level of interest and participation from grassroot innovators across the country. The … Continue reading


Managing margins: a developmental perspective for Gurej, Jammu & Kashmir

Last week, I shared the story of neglect but also of creative aspirations of the children and the women in Gurej valley. During 40 th shodhyatra, we also came across many more possibilities. It seems government has belatedly realised a fraud that had been going on in education sector. A lot of school teachers were … Continue reading


Teaching social innovation is the need of the hour

Rising social expectation, the reduced ability of the state to deliver social development programmes, and increasing income disparities often trigger rise of the conservative governance structures. In many European countries, conservative government has been recently elected ( Germany is an exception) creating a worldwide fear of decline of the welfare state. Simultaneously, inclusive philosophy is … Continue reading


Modelling gaps for designing and delivering inclusive innovations

The inclusivity of any innovation depends on the degree to which the solution is accessible, affordable, available and adaptable to disadvantaged communities. The disadvantages can arise on account of spatial, sectoral, social, skill, seasonal or temporal and structural (on account of ill designed governance system) exclusion of the people. Innovations are defined as new ways … Continue reading