Innovation / Research

De-sign: designs for anonymous social/public good

I recently realised a paradox in our thinking about designing frugal solutions for contemporary problems. I share it here  to reflect and get feedback. There has been a long tradition in our country and many other societies of artists, designers, architects not signing their creations. Unlike the European  tradition, where every creation is signed and … Continue reading


Why vaccinate against excellence: will Mandarins introspect ?

Educational institutions are the primary instruments of formatting mind and fomenting turbulence for social change.  When we deliberately try to vaccinate such institutions against excellence, and sometimes even relevance, the task of change agents becomes so much more difficult.  The efforts for such vaccination have been going on for decades.  If despite that India has … Continue reading

Art Culture Society / Biodiversity

In the land of Chakhmas: colours , creativity and conservation

“Will you tell us what medicine you will use for cancer?” when asked, Anant Kumar Chakhma replied, “How can I can your question? Unless I see the symptoms cannot prescribe the medicine, there are different kinds of cancer.” Seldom have we come across traditional healers who are so précis in their pedagogy and have their … Continue reading