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Big mandates: Bigger Vision and Even Higher Compassion

When society gives big mandates to parties and social standpoints, it also expects  magnanimity and inclusiveness in the same measure. I want to list some of  the reforms that are crying for implementation in the larger institutional interest of an inclusive society.  For a long time, we have been trying to universalise the benefits of food security, … Continue reading

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Rapid Prototyping Multiple Futures, given Global Uncertainty

With the exorbitant hike in UK visa fees and Brexit, globalization got its first blow.  With the transition in US government, a very big question mark has been put on the future of globalized world as it evolved so far.  For all the apologists of uniform world economic order, and WTO, the movement of capital … Continue reading

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Busy as a bee: an article on Honey Bee Network, 2010, June SPAN

Busy as a Bee By VAIDEHI IYER May/June 2010 All over the world, there are people with problems and innovators with solutions. The Honey Bee Network connects some of them to help make their dreams come true. Imagine an automatic food making machine that does away with the trouble of cooking. “Wouldn’t everybody like that?” … Continue reading

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An Entrepreneurial identity for emancipating Dalits: homage to Baba sab

A fitting homage to Babasaheb Ambedkar will be a fundamental transition from entitlement based approach to an entrepreneurial  system to empower and emancipate the Dalit community. Recently, some chambers of commerce dedicated to Dalit entrepreneurs have come up. Yet the dominant discourse in the country is to give them protection rather than opportunity for a dignified growth. There … Continue reading

Bamboo processing machine
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Bamboo processing machine

यह मशीन की खाशियत हे के जो पहाड़ी इलाको में घर बना ने के लिए बांस के छपरे का इस्माल करते हे और यह छपरा बनाने के लिए काफी महेनत लगती हे क्योकि छपरा बना ने के लिए बहुत लम्बी प्रोशेष हे और उसे मेन्युअली करना पड़ता हे और इस कम के लिए ४ लोगो की जरुरत पड़ती हे और काफी महेनत वाला काम हे एक दिन में इसतरह २५ से ३० बांस का छपरा बना सकते हे और इसका इस्तमाल दीवाल बना ने के लिए ज्यादा युस होता हे Continue reading

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Will 2016 be different for innovation-based startups?

When the whole world looking at Indian renaissance as a sign of hope for pulling the global economy out of recession, the policy ambivalence is difficult to understand.  In the year about to pass, several initiatives took shape.  But a very few could get concretized.  One good example is that of BIRAC [Biotechnology Industry Research … Continue reading

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How to listen, learn and leverage ideas of the young innovators

Designing an empathetic start-up ecosystem needs an administrative culture that trusts young people and builds upon their creative ideas. It has to be flexible enough to adapt rules and regulations to match their aspirations without violating ethical norms of transparency and social accountability. Let me explain. There will always be some people who will not … Continue reading