Inclusive innovation

How to Volunteer? : Voluntering for an Inclusive Innovation Movement

You may be a writer artist, small or big investor, entrepreneur, academic, school teacher, ecologist, food technologist; agricultural, veterinary, human or microbiological  scientist, engineer, fabricator, student, a vendor on the street, shop keeper, householder, translator,  government servant, corporate executive, lawyer, manager of an incubator, a start-up, or just a farmer, pastoralist etc. You may just … Continue reading

SRISTI is looking for volunteers

SRISTI is looking for volunteers

SRISTI is looking for volunteers, students or others willing to work on modest stipend basis for four tasks: a) Promoting the Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards ( b) Mobilising summaries and/or full projects of the last three years from technical colleges (polytechnics, degree colleges, pharmacy, engineering, agriculture, undergraduate or post graduate) for uploading with due … Continue reading