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Slum Shine (Shining every poor)- Biren Padhya

  Mr. Biren Padhya has been successful in educating & schooling children from 17 slums across Ahmedabad through his venture Slum Shine. He also focuses on protecting environment by carrying out several tree plantation drives as well as provide animal helpline services. He has also recorded sound of 150 different birds & has also made … Continue reading

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Shared spaces: enriched culture, community and civic life

With increasing pressure on urban and rural spaces, there is a looming crisis ahead of us in the next few decades. How will we negotiate scarcity of physical spaces with our cultural, emotional and spiritual spaces for “the other” getting squeezed more and more. There is a major onslaught on pluralistic vision of future living … Continue reading

Learning from a Healthy, happy and helpful culture:  Goa Shodhyata – II
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Learning from a Healthy, happy and helpful culture:  Goa Shodhyata – II

The drought has taken its toll in Goa as well.  There were many regions where people received water once in two days through the tankers.  One could see several dry wells and ponds.  The ones that had water were perhaps not adequately utilized.  While moving from south to north Goa, we also came across regions … Continue reading

Bamboo processing machine
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Bamboo processing machine

यह मशीन की खाशियत हे के जो पहाड़ी इलाको में घर बना ने के लिए बांस के छपरे का इस्माल करते हे और यह छपरा बनाने के लिए काफी महेनत लगती हे क्योकि छपरा बना ने के लिए बहुत लम्बी प्रोशेष हे और उसे मेन्युअली करना पड़ता हे और इस कम के लिए ४ लोगो की जरुरत पड़ती हे और काफी महेनत वाला काम हे एक दिन में इसतरह २५ से ३० बांस का छपरा बना सकते हे और इसका इस्तमाल दीवाल बना ने के लिए ज्यादा युस होता हे Continue reading