Increasing farmers’ income through reduction in cost of cultivation

When the goal of increasing the income of farmers and workers has gained national priority across the spectrum of ideological boundaries, is not it strange that excessive focus is on increasing prices and not on decreasing cost? What is the political economy of this bias? Reducing cost requires triggering debate on sustainability, saving water, soil, … Continue reading


Why should companies learn from consumers? A driver as the designer

In the age of open reciprocal and responsible innovations, the lack of openness in many organizations is difficult to appreciate. Why do organizations hesitate in learning from all around, particularly outsiders, the users and non –users of their product and services, supply chain actors, as well as of course competitors, shop floor employees, repair shop … Continue reading


How do we transform technology research and education: ranking, relevance and global reputation

There is a widespread concern that while on one hand, we want to build institutions of high ranking globally (according to criteria developed by private  ranking institutions), on the other we don’t care if high rank globally doesn’t translate to high social, industrial and ecological connect locally. This is paradoxical. Actually, both can be achieved together … Continue reading

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Devesh Patel for outstanding grassroots innovation- Ginger and Turmeric processing machine that delivers value-addition, reduction of drudgery and cost effectiveness for consumers.

Educated in Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A.), Devesh Rameshbhai Patel left his profession to become a full-time farmer growing Ginger, Turmeric, Potato, chips potato Yam, Elephant Foot yam, (suran) sorghum, wheat, maze(popcorn verity) and adding value to them by processing it before exporting them to international markets. Instead of traditional farming, he chose innovative farming … Continue reading


Tracking social trajectory: indicators of civilizational maturity

Indian society is passing through a critical phase. The rise of entrepreneurial aspirations, as I said last week, has given rise to a justifiable rise in material and consumptive ambitions. But when these ambitions overtake other values in society, something precious is likely to be sacrificed. Therefore, financial capital should be balanced along with ethical, … Continue reading


Eco-preneurial approaches can transform social imagination

Indian society is becoming aspirational, entrepreneurial, and also more accommodative of new social and economic experiments for changing everyday life experience of the masses. When socio-economic transition takes place, lot of values come in conflict, some for good but some for bad. The social inclusion is one such issue which is receiving heightened attention of … Continue reading