Celebrating freedom from inertia: story of a school teacher

There are many ways in which one can celebrate Independence Day.  One can pay tribute to those who sacrifice their lives for our freedom or continue to protect our freedom from various internal and external threats.   One can also celebrate the festival of independence by recognizing the outstanding achievers who are trying their best to … Continue reading


Can we continue to ignore these Policy gaps for promoting innovations for and from grassroots?

With every passing day, the journey for grassroots innovators is becoming slightly easier due to multiple efforts by the central and the state governments. However, there are several significant gaps still which require urgent reforms at different levels. The advantage of public procurement has still not been obtained by the majority of grassroots innovators. There … Continue reading


Making new education policy biased in favour of more innovation and excellence!

Finland which often tops global PISA test to judge school level competency among children made music teaching mandatory for first six years of education. It is believed that music enriches, the “experiences, exploration and excitement” of the children and they do well in other subjects as well. Vietnam, did not withdraw from PISA test, used … Continue reading


What do young tech innovators feel about emerging Innovation movement?

Deval Kariav and Rohit Nambiar belong to a new breed to tech innovators who want to make BIRAC-SRISTI-GYTI winning hardware solution for low-cost insulin pump open source. Their vision is that this pump must be affordable and accessible to the poorest diabetic patient in India and the world. Developed under the guidance of Dr Manoj … Continue reading

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What do we do in shodhyatra -learning walk

we pursue several activities during shodhyatra a) on the basis of prior fieldwork, we identify key challenges in agriculture, livestock, farm machinery, food, nutrition, etc., and share the i) prior knowledge we have collected from different parts of the country with local communities and ii) the knowledge collected from local communities with their name and … Continue reading