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When smartphone is not very smart! Youth beware!

I happened to meet several groups of young students and scholars in NIT and IIT’s during last week. One of the concern I have is that large number of very bright young technological and management students ( science students seem to suffer less from this problem) get easily distracted by messages and notifications on which … Continue reading

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Scaling up social innovations/technologies: cook in cast iron vessel to overcome anemia

The desire for  reforms and policy redesign at much faster pace than is the case just now is growing in society. The impatience with inertia is a good sign and public policy makers must take that as a positive sign. Without a set of demanding clients, no institution can pursue continuous innovation. How to institutionalise … Continue reading

Summer School on GRI and Inclusive Innovations 2015

Reflections: Day 2-July 26, 2015 Summer School on GRI and Inclusive Innovations

Session Details: Understanding GRI (at/with/for/from) Cases of GRI in India and Issues/tensions in-Scouting, Documentation, Validation, Value Addition, Business Development, IPR and Policy Impact Reflections, readings and discussions from Day 1 Interaction with Grassroots Innovators Problem Sensed, Motivation, challenges, support, contribution towards GRI, etc Reflections by Sharmistha Banerjee, IIT Guwahati   It was an interesting experience to … Continue reading

Dr RA Mashelkar’s address to students at the GYTI 2014 Awards
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Dr RA Mashelkar’s address to students at the GYTI 2014 Awards

Look at Yerwada jail in Pune, which has about 3600 inmates. They have to make around 10000 chapathis or rotis for lunch and the same number for dinner. They apparently had a dough-making machine. A convicted inmate was very innovative, saw the process in practice then and he was not happy: Machine wasn’t working well, it was not mixing dough well and quality of rotis was not good. With his innovation, the quality and speed improved. You know, I used to talk so much about the importance of Indians patenting their inventions, that people used to refer to me as ‘patentkar’, rather than as ‘Mashelkar’. This had been known to these inmates also. So they went to the Superintendent and said some Mashelkar talks about patenting, whenever we have a new idea. So we wnt to patent this. Can we take a patent on this?’ I am told that a pune patent attorney Mr Ponkshe, who is no more, helped them! A jail inmate innovating, can one imagine! Continue reading