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Twenty satellites in one launch: how does India make breakthroughs in space

I am just returning from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota from where India injected twenty satellites in a single launch at an extremely low cost. While interacting with scientists, visitors from IITs and other top institutions,   and young engineers, I tried to understand their motivation for persistent excellence. I also wanted understand the roots of … Continue reading

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Will 2016 be different for innovation-based startups?

When the whole world looking at Indian renaissance as a sign of hope for pulling the global economy out of recession, the policy ambivalence is difficult to understand.  In the year about to pass, several initiatives took shape.  But a very few could get concretized.  One good example is that of BIRAC [Biotechnology Industry Research … Continue reading

Entrepreneurship / Start-ups

How to listen, learn and leverage ideas of the young innovators

Designing an empathetic start-up ecosystem needs an administrative culture that trusts young people and builds upon their creative ideas. It has to be flexible enough to adapt rules and regulations to match their aspirations without violating ethical norms of transparency and social accountability. Let me explain. There will always be some people who will not … Continue reading