Leveraging creativity of children for a new, invigorated and youthful India: 42-shodhyatra Kutch

Naresh, of Class 1, sambuvad, bowled us all over with his creativity. Just a five-year-old, Naresh was the third most young student giving a brilliant idea. Earlier, two students from Tamilnadu and Tripura were recognised with Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Ignite awards by NIF. Naresh wanted the wind energy to be used for compressing air … Continue reading


Fury of floods: Persistent neglect of drainage & conservation

Extraordinary tragedy in Kerala has brought into sharp focus the persistent, pervasive and profound neglect of drainage, waterbodies, conservation of catchment areas, excessive denudation of forest, and several other areas of resource management. With environmental clearance further relaxed by the Ministry of Forest and environment, such disasters are likely to recur more often and widely. … Continue reading


Increasing farmers’ income through reduction in cost of cultivation

When the goal of increasing the income of farmers and workers has gained national priority across the spectrum of ideological boundaries, is not it strange that excessive focus is on increasing prices and not on decreasing cost? What is the political economy of this bias? Reducing cost requires triggering debate on sustainability, saving water, soil, … Continue reading


Smiling through the Hardships, a culture coping creatively: Gurez Valley, North Kashmir:

Did you know that a broken gadget is never completely dysfunctional? It possesses working parts which can be reused to develop new technologies or fix old ones. The thought was triggered by a class VI student, Khursheed Ahmed Meer from Niru village, Gurez. Further, he proposed the idea of setting up a workshop in every … Continue reading