SRISTI UNICEF Summer Innovation School 2017

Society for Research and Initiatives
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SRISTI –  UNICEF Summer Innovation School 2017

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How about working together with other innovation champions  in designing empathetic innovative products, App  or service  to meet an Unmet Social Need this summer break?

SRISTI announces the

fifth Summer School on inclusive innovation


25 May to 13 June 2017

The SRISTI, part of the Honey Bee Network Invites budding technologists/innovators/social entrepreneurs to work on designing solutions  in the following broad domains:

  1. Electronic Sensor based products for women, children, elderly and other social segments
  2. Mechanical Engineering based devices for urban poor, workers/small farmers in farm/non-farm sector, processing, construction, handloom, crafts, any other related sector
  3. Designing Apps/smartphone based platforms  for seeking and spreading innovative ideas, on farm trials, social diffusion of innovations, natural product lab, peer learning among children, educational support for disadvantaged children etc.


UG // PG // PhD students of Design, Engineering, Architecture, Social Science and other fields who are passionate to address social challenges.


Process & Pedagogy

SRISTI welcomes socially sensitive students to engage with communities, peers and a set of distinguished global and national mentors

Selection process


While submitting your application, please  look around and list 10 unmet social needs – 5 rural + 5 urban needs. Illustrate one need (among the 10) which you would like to take ahead from idea to prototype.

SRISTI will also share a few unmet social needs with the selected participants. You are free to work on a problem of your choice also at the workshop, which can be different than the one you submit during application.  As long as it addresses a clearly defined unmet need of disadvantaged section of society it will be welcome. However, the group work will be pursued on already identified social challenges unless a team can convince the group that its chosen problem is far more important and urgent.

Application deadline: April 25, 2017

Target group size: 30 -40 candidates to be announced by April 30, 2017 2017


Five to seven proof of concept, processes, Apps and service/system design   to move from mind to market-social or commercial.

It is understood that several ideas/products will need considerable more design and fabrication effort to make them useful for the target users/communities. SRISTI is committed to follow up each solution and keep original group informed and engaged if they so wish. All the solutions will be shared with the user community in open source. In some cases defensive patent may be filed to prevent any third party monopolizing the design. SRISTI will have full right to share the solutions developed during summer school to modify, change or improve for the larger social good.


SRISTI, which means creation, is a developmental voluntary organization set up to strengthen the creativity of grassroots inventors, innovators and ecopreneurs engaged in conserving biodiversity, developing eco-friendly educational, cultural or institutional solutions to local problems.

We want to ensure that every student who is sincerer, insightful, and deeply interested can join us for the summer school. Expenses for field research, material for prototyping, laboratory and basic accommodation in a Gandhian institution, Gram Bharati, would be covered. The contribution towards food alone is Rs 5,000 per person (Rs 250 per day) for the 20 day event. No one will be denied participation due to lack of funds. Please write to us if you feel you deserve the merit cum means scholarship to waive your contribution.


National Innovation Foundation  Fablab

Grambharti, Amrapur, Gandhinagar-Mahudi Road,

Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382650

Ph +91.79.27912792 / 93

You are required to reach the venue at your own expense.





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